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The First Mistake - by Sandie Jones
"Alice suspects that her husband is having am affair. But can she trust her best friend? Full of twists and turns" - John, The Book Centre, Waterford.

Lying In Wait
Lying in Waitby Liz Nugent

"Truly outstanding read, a psychological thriller with twists, and engrossing read"

- Mary, The Book Centre, Waterford

Happy Pear
The World of The Happy Pearby Stephen & David Flynn

"The original and bestselling Irish cookbook. Ideal for everyone who wants to improve their health and diet"

- John Cotter, The Book Centre, Kilkenny.

The Missing Ones
The Missing Ones - by Patricia Gibney

"This is an outstanding debut thriller from an Irish author. A gripping, gritty and a tense read, I thouroughly recommend this book"

- Mary Foskin, The Book Centre, Waterford.

Stop Thinking Start Living
Stop Thinking Start Living - by Richard Carlson

"Simply written, very straightforward and uplifting, great for those who suffer with negative thinking"

- Mary, The Book Centre, Waterford.

Fear Bubble
The Fear Bubble - by Ant Middleton

Harness fear and live without limits..."The author of First Man In returns with a revolutionary view on fear and how to utilise it to enhance your life!"

- Eugene, The Book Centre, Waterford.

Shoemaker And His Daughter
The Shoemaker and His Daughter - by Conor O'Clery

"A must read for anyone interested in Soviet life and history. A great read, I highly recommend it."

- Mary F, The Book Centre, Waterford.

In Search Of Silence
In Search Of Silence - by Poorna Bell

This is a heartfelt, deeply personal journey that asks us to define what 'happiness' truly means dor each of us.

"A stunning book, I feel I will re-read parts every few years. I would recommend it to anyone, and everyone"

- Mary, The Book Centre, Waterford.

Chernobyl - History of a Tragedy - by Serhii Plokhy

"The worst nuclear disaster of all time is revealed in all its shocking detail from the initial accident, to the attempted cover-up and its tragic aftermath"

- Eugene, The Book Centre, Waterford.

We Have Been Harmonised
We Have Been Harmonised  - by Kai Strittmatter

Life in China's Surveillance State.  "A chilling account of how new technologies are controlling the masses in China, and what it might mean for us!"

- Eugene, The Book Centre, Waterford.

21 Lessons For The 21st Century
21 Lessons For The 21st Century - by Yuval Noah Harari

" 'Sapiens' explored the past, 'Homo Deus' explained the future, and now the author turns to the present and what we face now. Essential reading."

- Eugene, The Book Centre, Waterford.

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